A shading system with movable or fixed blades, cloth or a combination of cloth and blades that offers protection from solar radiation and protection from the weather outdoors.

The EUROPA PERGOLA has powerful blades capable of large constructions and large water collectors as well as a hidden water drainage system (inside the profiles) and an electric vertical hidden screen or blackout cloth moving between the columns.

Continuous innovation, sophisticated design and the ability to offer fully customized solutions are the main advantages of the EUROPA PERGOLA (EPS 80) system.

The innovative design of the system combines functionality with aesthetics. It achieves a variety of options by combining multiple vertical and horizontal additional cover and shading elements. The huge variety of designs, typologies and combination possibilities of systems and electronic devices cover every need.

PERGOLA Bioclimatic


The Bioclimatic typology version is an innovation in architectural systems. It features an innovative pivoting louvre system, with movable horizontal blades allow the system in the closed position to provide waterproofing and protection from the weather.

The design of the wings in combination with the special collector around the perimeter of the horizontal beams of the system, allows the water to drain inside the vertical column and finally to exit to the base of the system outside the covered surface.

The purpose of the system is to ensure thermal and visual comfort using passive cooling, heating and lighting systems. By adjusting the tilt of the blades, it achieves regulation of the level of light and ventilation of the room according to the user's needs.

Σύστημα Πέργκολας


Trellis systems in modern and traditional line, ensure the absolute shading adjustment and protection from solar radiation while offering unique aesthetics and energy upgrade.

They combine in harmony with the natural environment and offer you practical and very functional solutions for each open space such as residences, hotels, restaurants and cafes, for all seasons of the year.

Features & Benefits

  • Pergolas designed in a line identical to that of the classic wood pergola.
  • The undeniable quality of construction guarantees great resistance to harsh weather conditions, while giving the feeling of traditional.
  • Adapts to any space.
  • Ease of assembly and installation also its construction is designed to accept polycarbonate sheets or aluminium rhomboids.
  • Electrostatic paint with special seaside class treatment for high protection against tampering and maintenance free.
  • Available in a wide range of RAL, RAFAELLO & MAT colours, as well as special colours & shades in wood imitation.