Glass pane support system

The needs of modern man for more transparency, brightness and aesthetics are satisfied to the maximum extent by the BY ALUMINCO proposal in the glass balustrade category. Crystalline® stands out for its unique design, functionality and safety, offering innovations designed with real modern needs in mind.

It is offered in 3 basic types - floor, underfloor and side, floor or parapet, with numerous customised options. Available in all anodising and electrostatic paint colours with the option of a choice of handrail of various shapes.

The ultimate sense of freedom is uniquely found in Crystalline®, the ideal solution for balconies, stairs and fences in buildings with high architectural requirements.

The innovative Crystalline® system has signed over 200 complex projects around the world, is gaining ground in the international market, claims and completes projects of special weight and is distinguished, among other things, for the completeness of the strictest requirements and specifications required for the implementation of large and complex projects.

Fusion Line

Advanced Aluminium Railings
Timeless elegance and reliable safety

The Fusion takes its name from its ability to combine glass and aluminium with harmony and imagination in countless combinations, while at the same time remaining unpretentious, affordably luxurious and extremely beautiful.

The Fusion Line range dramatically improves the most important aspects of the railing experience. It introduces advanced and robust profiles for extra strength, unique design, for a striking appearance and the best performance we have ever seen in a balustrade system.

The following types belong to the range: ORBIT, ELXIS, SYNTHESIS

The Orbit offers the unrivalled advantage of original design for robust architectural railing solutions, modern lines and high security. Among other things, it supports special hotel partition applications that stand out for their aesthetics and functionality.

The Elxis features a modern design that highlights the simplicity of the lines, ideal for spaces with minimal design. It offers original solutions for large glazing openings and excels at meeting the high construction standards for demanding projects.

The Synthesis is characterized by its modern aesthetics and the endless variety of profile combinations. The ease and flexibility in manufacturing is a benchmark as 80% of the manufacturing work of the railings can be carried out in the factory.


Anodised aluminium balustrades
Wild charm that goes beyond the boundaries of fantasy

Twenty different types perfectly combine robust forms and aggressive profile proportions in a uniquely unconventional yet modern balustrade system.

ALUMINCO's system F50® is based on a simple design and construction concept: a tubular system made of anodized or electrostatically painted aluminium, tied together in an elaborate way by connectors and supports, creating an airy, highly aesthetic ensemble.

The metallic elements are harmoniously combined with each other and create an extremely beautiful and homogeneous whole. They can also be combined with solid polycarbonate sheets or crystal, thus offering unique possibilities for architectural applications.

The applications of the F50® system are numerous and offer unique solutions indoors and outdoors, for balconies, indoor and outdoor stairs, pool enclosures and public areas.

Classic Line

Classic Railings Modern Aesthetics
Authentic cast lines without restrictions

Our classic collection is based on over 40 years of expertise. From commercial buildings to different residential styles, each solution is a work of art. With unlimited personalization possibilities, BY ALUMINCO classic balustrades propose numerous combinations for exteriors giving a charming effect.

They are available in a wide variety of traditional and modern designs and in unlimited colour variations and are made of long-lasting aluminium alloy and profiles with anti-corrosion properties.

They are distinguished for their durability over time without special maintenance and come with a variety of accessories, offering solutions for multiple constructions, with ease of installation and maximum protection against corrosion.

Discover the full range of classic solutions, the CLS, ALFLEX and PSATHA collections. Durability, quality and style are guaranteed. Unlimited options that create a lasting experience for outdoor living spaces.

CLS version

18 different models, ranging from top to bottom or almost, satisfy every wish and all requirements in terms of design and durability, ensuring a reliable railing solution in different application areas.

AL-FLEX version

17 different design elements, where each element can be lengthened or shortened, and its height can be changed, providing the basis for a whole family of handrails.

PSATHA version

The strong body of the railing is underlined by the mechanical properties and internal strength of the aluminium, while the internal filling is covered by design representations, adding character and style and turning the railing into a work of art. A railing that stands like a sculpture.


For Juliet Balconies
Glass parapet system

The modern buildings use full-height windows and doors to create a larger "virtual space" in a small environment. This creates an extension of external visibility and widens the view from the interior. In "balcony-less" buildings, Julietta is the best solution with a contemporary style.

Working as a screen or barrier mounted on the outside of full-height windows and doors, on the first floor or higher floors, Julietta mainly offers an extremely reassuring feeling when there are no balconies.