Beetle system ALUMINCO
Plenty of typologies of unrivalled functionality

The SH3200 is ALUMINCO's proposal for high quality and wide variety of shutters, which offer external shading and ventilation and are ideal for private houses as well as for traditional buildings and listed buildings. A wide range of options for the manufacture of shutters in all possible typologies in classic or modern lines, cooperating with opening frames, but also as an independent construction.

The SH3200 accepts the full range of fixed blinds, as well as the 25mm mobile blind system. The SH3200 shutter system proves in practice to be a pleasant system, extremely user-friendly and functional to use, one of a kind.


ALUMINCO shading system
Sun protection and controlled natural lighting

The specially designed blinds can be installed either horizontally or vertically, movable or fixed, providing a choice according to the construction needs and current architectural trends.

Its characteristic feature and competitive advantage is that the gap between the frame and the blind is only 10 mm, perfectly satisfying any requirement for minimizing solar radiation.

EWS 40


The EWS 40 is a complete system designed to meet a wide range of building construction needs. It perfectly covers functional needs, such as shutters offering security, shading, but also aesthetic needs as it can be used for exterior and interior decoration in combination with systems such as EUROPA ELEMENT.

The manufacturing possibilities include a wide range of shutter blinds and shading profiles. The option of a movable blind mechanism enables the adjustment of ventilation and lighting in the room. At the same time, the option for an integrated screen offers protection from insects, allowing for unhindered ventilation of the space throughout the year.

The central advantage of the system is the ability to cover opening, folding and sliding structures using many common profiles and components.



The integrated proposal for solar protection and energy saving that applies to so-called "smart" buildings. The innovative design of the blinds in the form of a wing enables easy installation on the exterior of new or old buildings.

It has 4 different blades with a special design to avoid overheating of the interior of buildings, protection from solar radiation, as well as the safety of the glass surfaces of the building from breaking. The blades in each structure may be fixed or adjustable to the desired inclination.

Brief technical data:
• Fixed or movable blades
• Trellis constructions
• Integrated shading system